Marvin Anderson

  • 5 Useful Plumbing Upgrades Before Tenants View Your Home

    Have you decided to buy a bigger home so that you can rent out the current one? Read on and discover some simple kitchen plumbing upgrades that you can make in order to catch the eye of potential renters. Faucet Aerators Over time, kitchen faucet aerators may become clogged or damaged. This can cause the water flowing through them to sputter or to come out in a weak stream. Such issues may put off some potential tenants who may think that the water supply is unreliable.
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  • 4 Factors that Residential Building Contractors Must Consider When Hiring Scaffolding

    These days, almost all construction projects are conducted with the help of scaffolding structures to work efficiently and safely on upper levels of a structure. A typical scaffolding structure entails rods, frames, and metallic pipes, which ensures that a contractor works faster compared to using ladders. Before hiring scaffolding, you must consider a myriad of factors such as the hourly rates, insurance, and safety precautions among others. This article examines some of the useful tips that residential building contractors must consider when hiring scaffolding structure.
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