5 Useful Plumbing Upgrades Before Tenants View Your Home

Posted on: 25 August 2017

Have you decided to buy a bigger home so that you can rent out the current one? Read on and discover some simple kitchen plumbing upgrades that you can make in order to catch the eye of potential renters.

Faucet Aerators

Over time, kitchen faucet aerators may become clogged or damaged. This can cause the water flowing through them to sputter or to come out in a weak stream. Such issues may put off some potential tenants who may think that the water supply is unreliable. Avoid this problem by replacing the aerators so that the water can flow evenly when people start viewing the rental property.

Shut-Off Valves

Check the sink, dishwasher and the icemaker to find out whether they have functional shut-off valves. Those valves are important because they help someone to shut off the water to the specific point-of-use in case a defect, such as a leak, develops. Replace the non-functional shut-off valves so that potential clients will not have any complaint about this aspect of the plumbing system.

Basket Strainer

Your kitchen sink will look more complete in case you replace the missing or old basket strainer. Such an affordable upgrade can transform the appearance of the sink in the eyes of a potential renter who is comparing this particular kitchen with others that he or she has viewed before coming to your property.

Disposer Stopper and Flange

Examine the garbage disposer closely. Does it still have its stopper and flange? Do those items match with the sink and the other fixtures in the kitchen? Replace the stopper and flange in case they don't appear to blend in with the general style of the kitchen. This simple upgrade will make the kitchen to have a better visual appeal to those who are considering renting your property.

Air Gaps

Air gaps are helpful in preventing contaminants from entering the devices where those devices have been installed. For instance, they can prevent the discharge from a dishwasher from reversing back into the dishwasher. Air gaps are needed for water softeners, dishwashers and garbage disposers. Get these devices and install them in case they were lacking in your kitchen.

Each of the upgrades above may not on its own cause a dramatic transformation of the kitchen. However, a combination of all those suggested upgrades can make the kitchen in your home to be more attractive to those who want to rent that property. Work with an experienced plumber so that you can find ways to make the necessary changes cost-effectively.


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