4 Factors that Residential Building Contractors Must Consider When Hiring Scaffolding

Posted on: 25 August 2017

These days, almost all construction projects are conducted with the help of scaffolding structures to work efficiently and safely on upper levels of a structure. A typical scaffolding structure entails rods, frames, and metallic pipes, which ensures that a contractor works faster compared to using ladders. Before hiring scaffolding, you must consider a myriad of factors such as the hourly rates, insurance, and safety precautions among others. This article examines some of the useful tips that residential building contractors must consider when hiring scaffolding structure.

Liability Insurance -- Insurance is vital in case of deaths, accidents, or damage to property resulting from the use of scaffolding. For example, scaffolding can accidentally fall on a neighboring structure and damage it. Similarly, a worker can fall off a scaffolding structure and get injured or worse. In all these instances, without insurance, you might be out of pocket if you pay out all the compensation costs on your own. Public liability insurance is a safe bet when such unforeseen events occur at the work site.

The Cost of Hiring -- Most scaffolding contractors have restrictions on the time of day that their scaffolding can be hired out. For instance, the standard business hours of renting scaffolding are always 9 AM through 5 PM. However, when you are on a deadline and need to work during the night, you might be inconvenienced if you choose such firms. Therefore, pick a service provider that operates outside the typical timeframe. Some companies charge for additional services including installation, drop-offs, and pick-ups. However, you can negotiate with a vendor who charges for such services, especially if you will be using the scaffolding for weeks.

Inspecting the Scaffolding Structure -- Proper erection of scaffolding is vital to guarantee the safety of workers. If the scaffolding will be at the construction site for a couple of weeks, a rule of thumb is to hire a scaffolding expert to perform routine inspections every other week. Often, excess weight might compromise the integrity of the scaffolding, and thus, there is a need for examination. Some renting companies will allow their staff to inspect the equipment at your construction site. The certified expert can then advise your workers accordingly.

Training of Workers -- The contractor hiring out scaffolding can provide employees who will work on the structure. However, this option might cost you extra because you will have to pay such workers. When you hire freelance scaffolding workers, ensure that they have the experience and proper certification from all relevant bodies.  


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