• Standard vs Customised Features When Building a Customised Home

    Customised homes should be built to your specifications, so it may seem odd to find that many new home builders have a list of standard features for their homes. The confusion lies in a single misunderstanding: there are different levels of customisation, and sometimes that customisation involves choosing from a set of features the builder offers as standard on all homes. This does not necessarily mean that you can't customise your home further; in fact, most builders will happily follow your plans as long as they meet state and national guidelines.
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  • Reasons for Land Surveying That Aren't Construction Related

    When you think about the need for land surveying, you likely think of expanding your property or construction of some kind. The truth is, there are several reasons you may need land surveying that have nothing to do with the expansion or further construction of the property. Here are a few of those reasons and what you should know about each one.  Mortgage Paperwork There are times when your mortgage company may ask for updated surveys of the property.
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  • Should you look for a civil works company?

    How many people are involved in a building project? Even a small building project can involve a surprising number of teams. There could be people involved in excavation work, a concrete pouring team and construction workers to complete the structure. In addition to these, there will be planners, architects, surveyors and engineers. Each role will have a part to play in bringing the project to completion. As the scale of the project increases, the complexity and the number of people involved will also increase.
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