Standard vs Customised Features When Building a Customised Home

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Customised homes should be built to your specifications, so it may seem odd to find that many new home builders have a list of standard features for their homes. The confusion lies in a single misunderstanding: there are different levels of customisation, and sometimes that customisation involves choosing from a set of features the builder offers as standard on all homes. This does not necessarily mean that you can't customise your home further; in fact, most builders will happily follow your plans as long as they meet state and national guidelines.

You Can Still Customise With Standard Features

For most builders, choosing the features for your home will likely look like a mix of what the builders offer plus what you want to have. It's also common to find that the standard features themselves have a few variations. In other words, if a builder offers luxury vinyl planks as standard flooring, you might find that you can choose the colour or shape of the planks. Or the builder might offer the planks as a basic inclusion with laminate planks as a potential upgrade. If you want a different type of flooring, you'd first need to find out from the builders how much time and money your preference would require.

Truly Customised to Your Plans May Take Longer to Build

For truly customised homes, where everything is built to your plans that you had an architect or engineer draw up, expect the construction to take longer. Your plans may require custom-made individual parts, and not just buying different materials. You must take this into account; the builders can't really speed up that process if you need a customised home where everything is unique. If you also want a home built quickly, you may want to consider using at least some of the standard features that the builder offers.

Your Customisation May Allow for More Accessibility

At the same time, don't be afraid to customise as much as you need to if accessibility is your concern. The builder will have plans that are accessible to a point, but if you need specific fixtures due to mobility issues, for example, you'll need to have plans drawn up that make it easy for you to live in the home, and that may mean changing a lot of those standard features to something else.

Meet with the home builders as you start planning your home to find out what they need from you and what features they offer in their homes to start with. It can take time, but the result is a home you can live in for years and be very happy with.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for home builders near you.


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