Reasons for Land Surveying That Aren't Construction Related

Posted on: 28 March 2022

When you think about the need for land surveying, you likely think of expanding your property or construction of some kind. The truth is, there are several reasons you may need land surveying that have nothing to do with the expansion or further construction of the property. Here are a few of those reasons and what you should know about each one. 

Mortgage Paperwork

There are times when your mortgage company may ask for updated surveys of the property. This request may be for several reasons. One of the reasons relates to your home insurance and making sure that all paperwork is up to date. This may be a request made every few years or at a random time during the lifetime of your mortgage. You may also need to provide a new land survey to your mortgage company if you have made significant upgrades to the property or if the value of the property has changed significantly. When this survey is requested from your mortgage company they will detail the specific type of survey they need. 

Land Disputes

There are times when you may have a land dispute regarding property lines. This can be due to a purchase of land near yours. You may also have a land dispute with local contractors working on various city projects. When this happens, you will need to have an updated land survey completed. This survey will show the legal lines of the property, boundaries and what is included in the property. For example, there may be a dispute over trees that need to be cut down. The land survey can help determine who owns the trees and who is responsible for the upkeep of those trees. 

Insurance Purchase

There are several times you may want to upgrade or add to your home insurance. You may need more coverage or you may find that you want that added level of financial security in case of an emergency or life-changing event. When this happens, your insurance provider may request an updated land survey. The survey is to help determine what the insurance will cover and how much is needed versus the value of the property. The insurance company will also request specific survey types if necessary. 

If you are in need of any of these services or have other land surveying needs, contact your area surveyors. They can schedule an appointment to view the property and determine what services are required. They will discuss the services you need and how to move forward. Land surveying will be done and the final reports can be filed with your local offices. Copies of the survey can also be requested by you or businesses requiring the updated survey. 


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