Reasons To Hire A Facility Maintenance Contractor

Posted on: 10 October 2022

Facility maintenance is a nerve-wracking experience for most property owners and managers. In most cases, occupants have never-ending requests and demands regarding shared amenities. The best practice is to hire a facility maintenance contractor to conduct the various maintenance protocols. This piece details the benefits of hiring facility maintenance contractors.

Timely Repairs 

Property managers or owners might not have a clue about how to extend the longevity of the floors, roofs, drainage systems, or HVAC units. In most cases, you will wait until a problem occurs, assuming that the building and its amenities are in excellent condition. Conversely, a facility maintenance contractor develops a repair and maintenance schedule aimed at increasing the longevity of fixtures and amenities and preventing chronic issues. For instance, cleaning the roof and gutters prevents rust that damages the shingles, trusses, and ceilings. Furthermore, clogged gutters cause rainwater to spill on the walls, damaging the insulation and affecting the performance of the HVAC unit. The facility maintenance contractor recommends suitable floor cleaning agents to prevent fading and chipping. Besides, they know when to conduct deep scrubbing and recoating to restore the floor to its original shine. As the floor wears out, the contractor recommends stripping and refinishing. These protocols keep the floor in its original condition regardless of its age. 

Legal Compliance 

Commercial buildings must adhere to various maintenance protocols. However, are you aware of these regulations as the property owner or manager? For example, if the property contains asbestos-containing materials (ACM), the local council expects you to conduct annual asbestos audits and lodge the audit results in the asbestos register. Moreover, you need to perform a yearly fire inspection to examine the condition of the essential safety measures. If you plan to renovate the building, you might need permits from the local council. The facility maintenance contractor acquaints you with these compliance requirements and ensures your building abides by these laws. 


The facility maintenance contractor helps you make long-term savings. For instance, regular roof and floor maintenance help prevent chronic issues that could compel you to replace the entire roof or floor. For example, a leaking roof makes the attic humid, attracting a termite infestation. Although you might only need to replace a few shingles, termites compromise the roof's structural integrity, necessitating extensive and costly repairs. Moreover, the facility maintenance contractor maintains the original appeal of the building, which goes a long way in preventing tenant turnover. Therefore, the building owner and manager can enjoy 100% occupancy. 

For more information about facility maintenance, contact a local company. 


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