• Reasons You Need an Electrician for Van Conversion Projects

    One of the popular options for university students and young adults is to travel during school breaks or after graduation. There are several ways to do this, but an increasingly popular way is to convert a van to a full-time living option. If you are considering this option for yourself, then you may already know you will need to make several upgrades, including electrical upgrades. Before you get started, here are some of the reasons you need an electrician for the van conversion project.
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  • The importance of electrical equipment testing and tagging

    Businesses using any type of electrical equipment on a regular basis are required to have this equipment tested regularly by the government. Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and other consequences affecting business operation. There are different testing and tagging requirements based upon the industry you are operating in. However, even if it is not required, you should ensure that all the electrical equipment used in your business is tested regularly for various reasons.
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