Tips for Hiring a Fence Contractor

Posted on: 22 November 2019

When installing a new fence, property owners can opt for DIY installation or hire a fence contractor. It is advisable to hire a fence contractor as they have installation expertise and can produce quality results. When hiring a fence contractor, consider the following guidelines:

Fence style and material

There is a range of fence styles, from picket to chain link, each serving different purposes. Before hiring a contractor, you should evaluate your need for a fence. Is it to keep intruders out, to keep children or pets inside or to maintain privacy? The selection process to find one that suits your needs will be long and tiring. Consulting a fence contractor will help you select a fence style that suits your needs. The contractors can also advise on the best style if you're concerned about aesthetic appeal.

Fences are also available in different materials. Consulting your local fence contractor will help you choose a suitable fence material based on your needs. Fence contractors know different materials and their pros, cons and performance in your geographical area.


Fences are a home addition, and the cost of installation and materials are a factor to consider. You should first prepare a budget and figure out how much you can afford. Your budget will determine the fence material you can afford. A fence contractor can guide you on the best material for your budget.

The cost of installation also varies with the fence contractor. The installation will require a range of tools, some of which you may not have. Renting or buying these tools for a one-time installation is expensive. A fence contractor has specialised tools required for installation. All you need to do is contact these companies and ask about their installation cost. Have at least three installation quotes to help you choose the most competitive price.

Warranty and contract

Before hiring a fence contractor, ask about their warranties and guarantees. A reliable fence contractor is willing to give a guarantee as they trust in their quality work. If something goes wrong with the installation, they are eager to redo the work and fix the mistake. They should also be willing to grant a warranty if they sell you the fencing materials.

After selecting a fence material and ensuring proper warranty, you should have a written contract. The contract specifies the fence material, installation cost, length of warranty and timeline. It is your right to have an agreement in case of improper installation.


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