Don't Let Your Hardwood Flooring Plan Be a Pie in the Sky

Posted on: 11 September 2019

Do you want a floor that adds beauty to your home and keeps it warm at the same time? Hardwood flooring is the way to go! Flooring is a big investment you shouldn't make before you are sure of what you want from it. Choosing the wrong hardwood flooring isn't only an expensive mistake but also a loss of warmth and beauty. Getting the right hardwood flooring doesn't start and end with the species of wood you choose; you must also consider installation. See what should be in your mind when planning to install hardwood flooring to ensure you don't regret anything about the flooring project:

Your Living Habits

Though the floor will take abuse from your family members and visitors, you should assess how much it will take. This helps you to know the species of wood to choose depending on durability. Do you share the same roof with pets and kids? Do you often have large parties at home, or do you travel a lot? Such questions help you know how much abuse your floor should expect based on traffic and usage. Choose a harder wood if you live in a high-traffic house. Hardwood flooring with the right finishes, stains and grain patterns will hide the scratches and dents that develop.

Your Home's Style

Don't go for the hardwood that looks attractive in your eyes before you consider its compatibility with the modern cabinets in your kitchen. Some wood floors are only suitable in certain home styles and not others. Have the door casings, trim-work and cabinets in your mind to ensure the design elements in the house don't clash with the hardwood flooring you install. The natural light your house receives and wall colours should coordinate well with the hardwood flooring. Grey-stained hardwood flooring creates a clean aesthetic in modern homes, while woods with wider planks and knots are more suitable for a traditional style.

Subfloor Material

Think about what the subfloor is made of before you install hardwood flooring. Particleboard, plywood and concrete slab are the most common subfloors in most homes today. This helps you to decide if you will go for an engineered wood floor or if you would install a solid wood floor. An engineered wood floor won't be the right choice if your subfloor is made of a concrete slab. A plywood subfloor increases the versatility of hardwood floors. If you have a particleboard subfloor, replace it with plywood before you install hardwood flooring.

Also, consider if you want to install hardwood flooring in your basement or on a second story. Is budget the main thing in the installation process, or do you find appearance the biggest factor? Work with professionals in hardwood flooring to ensure the right stain and finish is applied. Get foot samples from them to test if the hardwood flooring would contradict the decor and paint colours in your house.


Carrying Out Home Renovations

Hello! If you have decided to renovate your home, you are probably looking for advice on how best proceed with planning and executing the working. Depending on the size and scope of your renovation plans, you may need to call on a wide range of different types of contractors in order to get the job done. You will also want to make sure that you get the job done for the possible price. This blog contains everything you need to know about working with contractors on a major renovation project. I hope it proves useful to you. I learnt all about home renovation when I hired a team of contractors to completely redesign and rebuild my home. They did a great job.

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