Why Get Double Glazed Windows?

Posted on: 18 July 2019

You might have heard people talk of double glazed windows and how they save on energy. If you are wondering what they are and how they achieve this, read on before you make your purchase.

What Are Double Glazed Windows? 

These are windows made up of two window panels separated by a gap filled with an insulating gas. The whole window is usually referred to as an IGU (insulated glass unit). The price of such a window is high, but in the long run, you save energy and live comfortably without disturbance from outside noises.

What Benefits Do You Enjoy?

Double glazed windows offer you acoustic, security and energy-saving benefits. As indicated above, you barely hear noises coming from outside. They keep warm temperatures inside during the winter and hot temperatures outside during the summer. You end up using your air conditioner less often. If your area is prone to burglars, they may find it difficult to break double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are a great addition to your home security.

Don't Be Duped!

When purchasing double glazed windows, always check the type of panels used. The best are Low-E or laminated panels. Other types may not deliver the promised benefits. Ask what gas is in the gap. The answer should be argon or any other insulating gas. Check the gap for a kind of metallic stripping, as it acts as a drying agent. Its main purpose is to remove moisture from the gap.

Secondary glazing is not the same as having double glazed windows! Even though you may enjoy some benefits from secondary glazing, you will have problems opening and closing your windows and also issues related to the presence of condensed moisture in the gap.

You might also come across the term 'retrofitting'. This means replacing your single glazed glass window with a double glazed window. Retrofitting should be done by highly trained professionals because so many things can go wrong, which can lead to avoidable expenses.

How Wide Should the Gap Be?

The wider the gap, the more effective the benefits. However, consider your budget. Standard double glazed windows are expensive; now imagine if the gap is wider. The price will shoot up! If you can afford the double glazed windows with a wider gap, the better. If you can't, the standard double glazed windows can still serve you.

You also need to consider how many windows you have. If you have many windows, it would be economical to buy the standard double glazed windows or have your current single glazed windows retrofitted.


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