What to Know About Cold Weather Glass Repairs

Posted on: 9 February 2019

During colder weather, homeowners can experience various issues with their windows and household glass. These issues can range from cracks in the glass to heat loss and condensation build up. There are misconceptions that these issues cannot be repaired during the colder months of the year, and glass repairs need to wait until there is warmer weather. Though this is only a myth, there are a few things you need to know about cold weather window repairs and other repairs with glass throughout your home.

Replacement and Residential Temperatures

One of the biggest myths regarding glass repairs during cold weather is that the residential temperature in your home will drop drastically. The truth is, the repairs are handled in ways to make sure that your home's temperature does not drop significantly and that you remain comfortable during the replacement. For example, the repair technician will handle one window at a time or one area of glass at a time rather than handling the entirety of the damage if it spans several areas. They will also insulate the area temporarily or use space and stand heaters to help maintain the temperature and keep the house from becoming too cold during the repair.

Barriers for Snow Damage 

A concern for some people with a glass repair need during cold weather is snow getting into the home. This snow can cause water damage and damage to flooring as well as furniture. When you have repairs on glass done during colder months, the repair technicians will place barriers around the area to keep the snow from getting into your home and causing any damage to the interior of the house. These barriers are usually floor to ceiling and can cover small areas or areas as large as bay windows.

Insulation Concerns

There is a myth that the insulation placed around windows and insulation used in glass repairs will not work as well if it is installed during cold weather conditions. The truth is, insulation that is placed during the cold weather conditions around window frames and glass frames will work just as it would when it is placed any time of the year. In fact, the technician can easily check for any issues since there will be a noticeable draft once the insulation and glass are repaired and replaced. This means adjustments can be done immediately without leaving you concerned over possible energy loss and other insulation concerns.

If you have had any issues with your windows during cold weather, contact your glass repairs technician. They can come out and repair the issue or replace the glass regardless of the cold weather. They can also check your windows and doors to ensure they are sealed properly and insulated for the weather conditions you are facing.


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