Land Surveyors: Your Questions Answered

Posted on: 24 November 2021

Have you ever wondered what a land surveyor does? This article answers some common questions you may have about these professionals. Read on to discover more.

What do land surveyors do?

Land surveyors have many responsibilities, such as determining the size and boundaries of pieces of land for legal purposes, locating underground utilities such as gas mains and working with power cables to prevent accidental damage during excavation work. They also draw up maps and technical drawings of the natural environment.

Land surveyors also have a lot of work to do in relation to new properties, checking out land titles and boundaries before building a structure on a piece of land, or signing a contract for a property purchase. They check site conditions for factors such as ground stability before going ahead with building or excavation on a site.

What equipment does a land surveyor use?

Land surveyors use special equipment including laser range finders, GPS units, satellite-based systems, and theodolites. 

What is a boundary survey?

A boundary survey is an official document produced by a land surveyor that shows the boundaries of a parcel of land. It contains information about adjacent properties and other entities, such as roads or power lines. It is used to establish legal ownership and protect against encroachment (when something intrudes into someone else's property).

What is a topographical survey?

A topographical survey maps the natural features of an area, including hills and valleys, land contours, streams and rivers. This type of survey provides information that could be useful when planning a building project or laying out a garden to suit the natural conditions on-site. These surveys map the shape of the surface of an area of land and the difference between the highest and lowest points in an area.

What is an environmental assessment?

An environmental assessment of a property is carried out to establish whether there are any factors on-site that could affect its sale value or desirability, such as the presence of dangerous chemicals, pollutants or contaminants. The surveyor will examine soil and water samples and may also look at maps showing previous incidents of flooding and other natural disasters.

Who employs land surveyors?

Land surveyors work in a variety of industries, including real estate and local government. Many also work for construction companies and civil engineering firms, checking out sites before building begins.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a land surveyor today.


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