Two Benefits of Spraying Water on a Building Before Demolishing It

Posted on: 1 June 2021

Here are two benefits people can experience if they dampen a building with water prior to demolishing it.

1. The work can be done faster

Dampening a building with a fine mist of water prior to demolishing could help those tasked with tearing it down to get their job done faster. When a demolition crew demolishes a dry building, the dust that comes from its crumbling walls, roof and floors goes everywhere. Since this dust makes it impossible to see anything inside the building, demolition contractors and their crews will usually take a break after demolishing a section of a structure in order to let the dust settle. If they're demolishing a large complex building that needs to be torn down in several stages, these numerous, lengthy breaks could add up and lead to their demolition taking a very long time.

If however, they dampen the building first, far less dust will fill the air when they tear down a part of it, as most of the tiny particles will remain stuck to the building materials. While this won't eliminate the emergence of dust entirely, it will reduce it to the point where the periods during which the demolition crew need to wait for the dust to fall to the ground will be far shorter and they will, therefore, be able to raze the building far faster than they would if it were dry.

2. It could make the site less hazardous

The other great benefit of dampening a building before demolishing it is that it can make the site less dangerous for the demolition crew to work in. For example, the significant reduction in dust in the air could improve visibility levels on the site, which could, in turn, enable those operating the demolition machinery to navigate it without accidentally colliding with structures or injuring their co-workers and allow those travelling around the site on foot to do so without tripping over rubble as a result of not being able to see it.

Likewise, with less dust in the air, those working on the site will breathe in fewer dust particles and will be less likely to experience lung irritation or stomach issues from inhaling too much of this substance or to develop temporary blurry vision from getting it in their eyes.

If you'd like to learn more about safely demolishing a building, then reach out to local demolition companies. 


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