The Pros That Aluminium Scaffolding Planks Offer Over Their Wood Counterparts

Posted on: 16 March 2021

As long as your construction project warrants workers to work at an elevated height, you need to budget for scaffolding planks that work to support their weight. In years past, wood scaffolding planks were the go-to material and due to this familiarity, some individuals tend to opt for this material as the default option. Yet, as with most other industries, construction practices have evolved over the decades and now you have the option of aluminium scaffolding planks as an alternative to the timber variety.

Despite being relatively new to the market, aluminium scaffolding planks are steadily making their mark in numerous construction projects across Australia and this can be credited to the multitude of advantages that they offer. Before you decide on what solution will work best for your project, consider the following pros that aluminium scaffolding planks offer over their wood counterparts.

Greater stability

When selecting scaffolding, stability should be the deciding factor to guide your decision and this is a characteristic that you can be guaranteed when you employ aluminium scaffolding planks for your project. These planks are reinforced with strengthened joints and this lends the scaffolding enhanced weight-bearing properties. Thus, you can have more workers carrying out their duties on their scaffold than you would be able to when you opt for the wood variety.

It is also important to note that the fibrous nature of wood makes the scaffolding planks less stable than their aluminium counterparts are. Hence, you would have to contend with extended delays for your project since only a few people can be on the elevated platform at any given time.

Enhanced durability

If your construction project is being carried out outdoors, as most are, it is vital to take the durability of the scaffolding planks you use into consideration. Wood planks may work well for interior applications but when constantly exposed to Australia's changing weather conditions, there is an increased threat of premature decay. When the timber planks are exposed to extreme temperature changes, which is highly likely during the summer, the timber will expand and contract and this causes it to warp.

In addition to this, exposure to rainfall will cause the wood planks to swell and this compromises their stability. This is damage that you will not have to be concerned about when working with aluminium scaffolding planks. Not only is this material rust-resistant, but it is also invulnerable to warping, cracking and other flaws that would jeopardise its structural integrity.

Other benefits that aluminium scaffolding planks offer over timber planks include being lightweight for easy portability and being an economical option that will not inflate the construction project's budget.

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