How Many Keys Should You Cut For Your Construction Site?

Posted on: 14 December 2020

You need to take care to keep your construction site secure, especially outside of working hours. However, you also need to ensure that your workers can get on to the site when they need to.

If you have a main lock on your site's entrance, then you probably need more than one key. Chances are, multiple people will need access at different times. Plus, you'll need spares in case your primary key gets lost.

Asking yourself the following questions will help you work out how many keys to cut.

Who Opens and Locks the Site?

While you and your site manager need a key, you might not be the people who open the site every morning and lock it up at night. Some of your workers and contractors might start work early and finish late at certain times during the build.

If you and your site manager aren't around, then people can't get on-site or lock up when they leave. It might pay to give a key to a responsible employee who can commit to being on-site at the beginning and end of the day. If you'll work a multiple shift system, then you might need to give keys to two different people so they can cover both ends of the day.

Who Are Your Emergency Responders?

There might be times when you need to open or secure your site outside of working hours. For example, if you have a suspected break-in on the site, the police might want a keyholder to attend the scene to open it up.

Or, if you hire a security company to keep an eye on the site, then they might need access if they suspect there is a problem. It's worth designating an out-of-hours emergency contact who lives locally.

If you give them a key, then they can come out quickly in emergency situations. It might also pay to give a key to your security company so they can use it if they need to. This gives you a useful spare.

Where Will You Store Spare Keys?

You'll keep one or two spare keys somewhere safe in case people lose their keys or the keys break. For example, you might store a spare key or two in your offices.

If your offices aren't close to the site, then it's worth looking at stashing some spares in a closer location. This allows your people to get a spare quickly if they need it. So, for example, you could ask your site manager to keep a spare key safely at home.

To find out more about having site keys cut, contact local key cut services.


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