Top Tips When Buying Building Supplies

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Building supplies will take up a significant portion of your construction costs. They are a major deterrent to people who would want to undertake DIY construction or build their own homes. To most people, purchasing building supplies is an unwarranted hassle. As such, they would rather hire a contractor or buy a complete home. The article refutes these claims. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to purchase and save costs on building supplies. 

Start With a Bill of Quantities

Ask your architect, quantity surveyor or draftsman to prepare a bill of quantities (BQ) for the proposed structure. When building a house, ask the professional to divide the document into parts. For instance, you could have a BQ for the foundation, first floor, slab, second floor and the roof. It will allow you to conduct your project in phases. Besides, it prevents you from buying too many materials.

Finding a Supplier

Items such as roofs and tiles could be purchased straight from the manufacturer. Choose durable products that have a track record in the construction industry. In addition, insist on guarantees and after-sales services such as free transport and installation. 

Bricks, cement, ballast and internal fixtures can be purchased at your local building supply store. Ask a few businesses for a quote of all the items you require. Most stores will give significant discounts to customers that purchase in wholesale. You may be eligible for further discounts if you open a trading or credit account with the supplier. A credit account allows you to take building supplies on credit. It is a preferable choice when you do not have instant cash to pay for the building supplies. However, check its terms of operation. These include the interest rates, the repayment terms, and penalties for late repayments. 

Inquire about after-sales services such as free transport and guarantees on the products you purchase.

Cost-Saving Tips

You could purchase used or recycled building materials at a fraction of their original cost. For instance, you could find crushed aggregate for your driveway and metal beams to hold structural elements. 

Some building materials, such as interior fixtures, bricks and metal beams, could be purchased during the low season when there is a low demand for building materials. Most suppliers will sell them at discounted prices. Cement and timber should not be purchased if you do not have a proper storage facility.

With the above tips, you should have an easy time looking for building supplies. Ask for a bill of quantities, find a reputable supplier and observe the recommended cost-saving tips. 


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