A Guide For First-Time Homeowners When Installing Pergolas

Posted on: 29 January 2020

If you have enough space in your backyard, then constructing a pergola can be a wonderful idea for not only adding beauty to your home but also providing shelter, shade and privacy. A pergola, with its versatility, complements other fittings and finishes such as decks, swimming pools and gazebos to make a backyard a truly livable outdoor space. Here is a guide for first-time homeowners when installing pergolas.

Permit — It is a good idea to check with your local authority on whether you will need planning approvals or permits to construct a pergola. The issuance of permits varies from one jurisdiction to the other, and thus, you should never assume that what applies in one state or territory works in others. The bottom line is that you are better off checking before beginning construction than risking paying heavy fines and watching your finished pergola being torn to the ground.

Frost Depth — Knowing the frost depth in your area, if it gets cold there, is a critical yet underrated point for homeowners looking to install pergolas in their homes. Frost depth refers to the ground level that freezes during winter. The support beams or posts should be installed below the frost level. The beams are likely to move out of the holes and comprise the integrity of the pergola if you install the posts above the frost depth. It is advisable to get information about frost depth from your local authority's building department.

Installing Pergola Posts — There are several methods of installing pergola posts that you can choose from. First, you might opt for in-ground installation where the posts are sunk into the ground and supported by a concrete footer. In this method, your contractor can use an auger attached to a backhoe to screw holes in the ground that can easily fit the size of the posts. Second, you can install the posts on an existing concrete slab or on top of a concrete footer. This option entails digging concrete footings below the frost line. The posts are then attached to the footings using special mounting accessories.

Pergola Theme Should Complement the Landscape — Even though pergolas naturally fit in any outdoor setting, you should strive to add features that create a perfect harmony with the outdoor space. One way of adding nature to your pergola is integration — you don't want your pergola to be at odds with its surrounding. Make sure that your pergola's theme, whether bright or dark, matches with the types of plants you introduce into the structure. Besides beauty, plants can easily turn the pergola into a relaxing space since they will keep the surrounding area cool.

To learn more about pergolas, contact a pergola builder in your area.


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