How to Keep Your Business Open During an Interior Demolition Project

Posted on: 11 March 2019

If you're planning a huge overhaul for your commercial space, you may need to hire a contractor to do interior demolition for you. Traditionally, this process involves removing the walls, flooring and potentially even the utilities in a building so that you can rebuild. Wondering if you can keep your business open during this process? Consider the following tips.

1. Demolish One Area at a Time

So that you can stay open, you need to constantly have at least one area that is not under construction. To take this zoned approach to the process, you need to figure out how to run your business from one area at a time. With a shop, you can move most of your inventory into one area, and then rotate it as you demolish and renovate each area of your building.

With a restaurant, you either need to close whilst you work on the kitchen, or you need to commit to moving your kitchen to another part of your building. In that case, you have your kitchen and a portion of the dining room open. Then, you demolish one area, turn that into your new kitchen, and at that point, you can move into your new kitchen and demolish the old kitchen.

2. Seal Off the Demolition Area

Interior demolition kicks up a lot of dust, and if you allow that to migrate to other parts of your business, you may end up with breathing hazards and an unsafe environment. To prevent that from happening, you need to seal off the demolition area. That involves using double sheets of plastic over entryways. Using double sheets allows workers and others to enter the demolition area without letting dust out. You simply step through one sheet, stand between the sheets for a moment and then move through the next sheet.

You also need to seal off your ventilation system. Make sure that vents in the demolition area are covered so that dust doesn't migrate through them. Talk with your demolition contractor about how they can corral the dust so that it doesn't spread around your building.

3. Make Sure You Can Maintain Utilities

Many interior demolition projects involve removing pipes, wires or other utilities. If you want to keep your business open, you need to ensure that you can maintain utilities, or you need to make alternative plans. For instance, if you plan to have the electrical wiring removed, you may want to run part of your building on a generator so you can stay open.

Beyond the above, you also have to make a plan for noise. Demolition can be loud. To get more tips and to figure out how to keep your business open, contact a demolition contractor directly.


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