Making Your Sheet Metal Fabrication More Environmentally Friendly

Posted on: 8 September 2018

Sheet metal fabrication is a business with many variables. As the work is so versatile, there are many things to think about to make sure the business operates as well as possible. One aspect you should consider to make your sheet metal fabrication run smoothly is the environmental aspect. Companies that can claim to be environmentally sustainable could attract a wider range of customers in addition to all the positive aspects they are giving to the environment. To make sure your sheet metal fabrication business is as environmentally friendly as possible; there are a few things you should think about.

Consider energy consumption

One of the largest contributors to energy consumption and air pollution in a sheet metal fabrication is the furnace ovens. Improving the sustainability of your furnace usage does not need to be very complicated. One of those things might be simply to evaluate what type of fuel you are using and to make sure you're using fuel that is coming from environmentally sustainable areas. For example, if you're using wood, make sure you use wood from somewhere that replants the trees after they've been cut down.

You can also think about your practices when lighting the furnace oven. Allowing it to ignite slowly can make it hotter and more effective, which will release less harmful substances into the air. You could also change to an electric induction furnace if you're not using one already, as these are more environmentally friendly than other types of furnace ovens.

Reuse substances

Another way you can make sure your sheet metal fabrication business is as environmentally friendly as possible is to take a look at how you are using solvents and other chemicals involved in the productions. Many of these substances can be reused, especially if you're producing a lot of spillage. By gathering and containing the spillage, you can reuse the substances and save money as well as damage it might cause to the environment.

Mind the dust

To further decrease the air pollution your company produces you should make sure the dust from the cutting of the metal is as contained as possible. Simple measures like laying a hard surface on top of the shop floor where vehicles need to drive can reduce the amount of dust that is being released into the air. You should also make sure you have proper ventilation in your workplace to stop dust from coming in contact with the air outside. This could also be a health benefit for your workers as sheet metal dust could be harmful to ingest.


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