Safety Tips to Consider When Building a Tennis Court

Posted on: 4 June 2018

A tennis court can be a great way to get some exercise and have fun, but unfortunately, injures are always a possibility. While you're playing, the right footwear and some stretching can help you avoid falls, strains and sprains, but to be on the safe side, you may want to think about injury prevention before you build the court. Take a look at these tips.  

Avoid Concrete and Grass

To avoid tennis injuries, you may want to avoid concrete and grass courts. Concrete is hard and unyielding, making it terrible for falls, and grass can be slippery. Instead, consider hiring a professional who can install a hard tennis court. That consists of a layer of concrete or asphalt covered with acrylic which adds softness to the area.

Put in a Soft Base

Ideally, your tennis court installer shouldn't just put in the tennis court. Instead, they should take some time preparing the area. Talk with installers to see what their process is. Ideally, you want the area leveled, and then, you want to have a put in a layer of gravel. That helps to give the tennis court more give which also cushions falls.

Think About Drainage

Also, talk with your installer about drainage. A bed of gravel helps with that, but additionally, you may also want to put the court on a relatively high part of your yard and add a slight pitch to encourage water to run off the court. That prevents water from pooling on the court and causing you to slip, but it also helps to prevent sitting water from forming cracks which could also cause you to trip and fall.

Draw the Lines for Doubles and Singles

You should also insist on having the right lines for playing both doubles and singles. If you only have the lines for playing doubles and you're trying to play a singles match, you may end up running too far for the ball and potentially sliding or falling into an injury. If you have the right lines so that you can play over a smaller surface, you minimise this risk.

Add Benches and Storage

So that you can rest between matches, you may want to add some benches. This isn't necessary if you have a sitting area close to your tennis court. You may also want to add in small storage cubbies. They work for balls and rackets, but they also give you a spot to store a first aid kit.

Think About Lights

Finally, in case you ever want to play at dawn, dusk or during the nighttime, you should add some lights. That increases visibility and boosts safety.

For more information or assistance, contact a local tennis court construction company.


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