Three Practical Steps for Getting Residential Gas Installation

Posted on: 27 April 2018

There are numerous benefits of gas installations in homes. In general, natural gas is an ideal energy source for heating your water, warming the house and even cooking on your stove top and gas grill. If you choose this power option, you will have lower utility bills compared to relying fully on electricity. You should also note that natural gas is a relatively clean energy source with minimal carbon emissions. If you are interested in getting a natural gas connection in your home, you should use the below guidelines for ideal results.

Check for Gas Availability

You should determine whether there is a natural gas network around your home before taking any other step. In the recent past, more neighbourhoods have gained access to this beneficial energy resource. However, there are still numerous areas, even in the city, that do not have the option. You can check the details on gas connection from online resources. Alternatively, you can ask your neighbours or check their homes for gas meters.

Get a Connection

If there is natural gas available in your local area, you will need to have a meter installed on your property. In addition, a pipe must be installed to allow the flow of natural gas from the mains network to your meter. You can contact a gas utility company to help you with the connection. You can also look for local private contractors who are equipped to handle the work. The cost of this process will depend on your chosen service provider and your negotiation skills.

Engage a Professional for Gas Fitting

You should hire an experienced professional to handle the fitting of gas pipes into your home. In general, this expert will connect the piping from the meter to the rooms or points at which you intend to use the natural gas. The complexity and cost of this project will depend on the length of pipes needed. If your house is large, more pipes will be required to service your home. Also, the design of the home can have an impact on the difficulty of gas installation. For example, if the contractor has to fit the pipes from below your terrace house, the labour implications will be higher.

When planning for the installation of a gas connection, you should be clear on the number of lighting points that you would like for your house. If you make your decision in time, you will avoid the cost and complications of modifying the new gas network.


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