Selecting Awnings for Cold Weather

Posted on: 9 January 2018

Awnings add functionality and style to any type of outdoor space. From porches to balconies and decks, awnings provide shelter from the sun, rain, and wind. For people who live in warm areas all year round, selecting awnings can be easy. They can choose from the many designs that are available without having to worry about damages to their new investment.

However, for people living in cold areas where rain, snow and ice are likely to fall, selecting an awning is more complicated. You have to ensure that the awning is stable enough to withstand the constant beating from snow and ice. It should also have the ability to hold loads of snow that may accumulate on top of the awning without collapsing.

  Which type of awning is best?

Year after year, more homeowners are beginning to realize that a retractable awning is the best choice for cold winter weather. These awnings are able to withstand harsh weather and remain in good condition for the sun and warmth to come back. So why choose retractable awnings?

Protection from snow and ice

The awnings that offer best protection against snow and ice are retractable awnings. They are built for stability, and can withstand heavy snowfall and ice when outside temperatures get to freezing point. And because they are retractable, you can adjust how far outwards/inwards they extend to provide protection to your outdoor spaces.

A retractable awning will make it easier for you to keep your deck and patio free of snow during the winter season so you can still relax outdoors anytime the sun comes out.

Ability to hold a lot of weight

During the winter, snow tends to quickly accumulate on structures such as roofs, cars, and awnings. You need an awning that is tough and stable enough to hold a lot of weight.

Luckily, retractable awnings are able to do just that. They are held in place by solid metal panels that allow for their retractable motion. As a result, they can hold a lot of snow that accumulates on top of them.


During the winter, heavy snow storms and ice storms can be experienced every once in a while. These weather conditions may be too extreme for any awning to withstand.

That is why retractable awnings are flexible options for your home during winter. They can easily be retracted when heavy winds and ice are experienced, to minimize damage to the awning itself.

However, you can trust that retractable awnings are able to withstand heavy snowfall due to their durable and sturdy design.


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