How to Keep Dishwashers Clean and Tips on Repairing an Overflowing Dishwasher

Posted on: 27 October 2017

Dishwashers save you the hassle of washing dirty dishes the hard way. With a dishwasher, you do not need to manually wash dishes in the kitchen sink one at a time—you simply put all the dirty dishes in the appliance and press a button to clean them all at once. Like many other plumbing appliances, however, dishwashers may overflow, usually because of clogging in the appliance itself or blockages in the kitchen sink drain to which it is connected.

Knowing how to keep your dishwasher clean will go a long way towards keeping your dishwashing appliance draining properly for as long as possible. But when overflowing occurs, you should be able to do something to solve the problem. Here are some dishwasher maintenance and repair tips you can follow in this regard.

How to Keep Dishwashers Clean and Gunk-Free

Your dishwasher is an important helper when it comes to keeping your dishes squeaky clean. However, a dishwasher is not a rubbish bin for food scraps. A big mistake that very many people make when using dishwashers is to wash dirty dishes without getting rid of food scraps first. This increases the risk of clogging. 

Scrape off food scraps from your dishes before putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and make sure to clean the appliance on a regular basis. You can use a clean, dry towel and soapy water to wipe off the gunk that may accumulate in the interiors of your dishwasher. 

Also, replace the water in the sump area regularly to keep your dishwasher smelling fresh.

Tips on Repairing an Overflowing Dishwasher

Start by removing any dishes that might be inside your dishwasher and disconnect the power connection. Drain out all the stagnant water in the dishwasher using a kitchen towel. This step will allow you to clean the dishwasher, and it will also prevent a slippery working condition.  After all this, take a look at your drain hose. The drain hose is the pipe that connects your dishwasher to the kitchen sink drain. If it is clogged with food debris, disconnect it and clean it up.

If your dishwasher still has a problem, you need to take a look at the drain screen/filter. This is the basket-shaped component inside your dishwasher tub. Make sure to remove any food debris that may be preventing water from draining properly.

In case you run into any dishwasher problem that you are unable to fix yourself, don't hesitate to call a plumber for help. 


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