4 Clear Tips to Consider When Hiring Demolition Contractors

Posted on: 18 September 2017

When people think of demolition, skyscrapers and explosions come to mind. But demolition contractors come in all scales and are more often employed by people doing renovation and repair.

Whether you're remodelling your bathroom or hauling away an old mobile home left from the 70's in a lot on your property, a demolition contractor can make a big difference in the time and money you spend on your project.

Because construction – particularly home construction – generally takes longer and costs more than initially planned, it's important to keep in mind a simple job like tearing down a bathroom can turn into a months-long endeavour. Especially if your demo contractor is not qualified or prepared to do the job.

There are some steps you can take to avoid unwanted situations with demolition contractors, whether removing old debris, remodelling a kitchen, or completely rebuilding. These steps include:

  • Be sure they are insured, bonded and have workman's compensation

If one of the workers falls through the roof or injures themselves, they can sue the homeowner for damages and medical attention if they are not covered by workman's comp insurance.

  • Ask for references; be specific.

Maybe the contractor you find is an expert in removing walls but has no experience in moving septic tanks. See if they have photos or videos of work they have completed that is the same as – or similar to – the work you need to have done.

  • Get an estimate.

Be sure the estimate includes all fees, including the demolition, permitting and debris removal (including any hazardous materials/debris). Ask if there are any additional costs that might unexpectedly occur so you're not caught off guard when the bill comes.

  • Be clear about the time-frame.

Understanding how long a project will take, helps you plan the rest of your project (and your life in the meantime) appropriately. If you have to cancel utilities, close off a room(s), or block your driveway, find out how long these periods of time will be. What will you need to do while the demolition is taking place so your life and schedule is not further disrupted?

Planning ahead and being sure you have the right contractor for the job, will be worth the work of asking a few questions and doing a bit of research. In the end, you'll save time and money and you will feel confident that you've hired the right person for the job.


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