How a Trenchless Drilling Service Can Save You Money & Time

Posted on: 31 August 2017

If you want to install a pipe or a cable how do you do it? Do you dig a long trench, place the pipe into it and then fill the hole in? That approach works well for short distances if there are no obstacles in the way of the trench. What do you do if there are mature trees in the way? Perhaps there is a large concreted area in the path of your trench? What can you do if there is another cabling system already in ground and you don't want to move it?

In any of these situations installation can be a real problem. One solution that is gaining in popularity employs drilling technology to install the pipes. A trenchless drilling service has numerous advantages over traditional trenching digging installation methods. A highly advanced drill is used to bore a hole horizontally under the ground along the path the pipe or cable will take.

Less disruption

With trenchless drilling digging and disruption is limited only to a small area at the two ends of pipework. Instead of a long trench tearing up the area along the whole length of the pipe the only disruption occurs at the start and finish of the run. Not only is there no trench to worry about, the area above ground escapes unscathed. Removing obstacles from the path of your trench often adds significantly to the inconvenience of the job. It can take days to remove mature trees, or to remove and then replace a concrete driveway. Drilling under these obstacles makes life easier for everyone. If there are existing installation lines already in place then you can simply do your drilling at a lower depth and leave the existing work in place.

Less costly

Trenchless drilling uses less workers than traditional pipework installation, and it is often quicker and cheaper to complete, especially when the time and costs to repair the environment above the pipe is considered. Instead of destroying whatever is on the surface of the ground you can simply do the required drilling under the surface and leave everything untouched.

Less environmental impact

Choosing a trenchless drilling service will lessen the environmental impact of your work. The equipment is operated from the surface so there is no need for extensive digging. The landscape is not scarred by the pipeline and no trees need to be felled.

Boring a hole under the ground is frequently the easiest, most convenient option for laying your pipe or cable. Use a trenchless drilling service to get the job done with the least disruption to the environment, and your neighbours.


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