Creating a House Design with a Period Home Theme

Posted on: 31 August 2017

There's no denying that period properties come with lots of charm, but it isn't always easy to find one. If you're about to renovate your home or you're struck on the idea of building one from the ground up, there are things to consider before starting your period property theme.

Consider the era you want to reflect

If you're aiming for consistency and an overall impressive finish, you'll need to give careful consideration to the era you want to reflect. Some house designs to choose from include:

  • Victorian style homes—they often come with wrap around porches, high ceilings, and ornamental mouldings throughout
  • Georgian properties—they have a colonial feel plus large entrance doors with symmetrical and broad windows either side
  • Tudor architecture—they have wooden beams throughout and at the exterior, as well as pitched roofs

Before opting for a period, try looking through some of your custom home design team's portfolios to see what they can create. Visiting other houses for inspiration is also a worthwhile activity.

Choose between renovating and contemporary creations

While it's impossible to find an authentic Tudor property to renovate in Australia, this becomes an option when you're looking at colonial era properties or Victorian buildings. The biggest benefit to renovating a property is that you secure authentic features, which are difficult to recreate to perfection when starting from scratch.

However, there are downsides, such as structural challenges and finding ways to shape the building so it meets the needs of a modern lifestyle. The other option is to create a contemporary remake of the properties you like, which gives you all of the character you're seeking without any of the problems that are unique to older properties.

Meeting your home's energy needs

Whether you're planning a home renovation project or creating a new house design, your architectural draft should consider energy efficiency. Although solar panels don't lend themselves easily to a traditional look, you can work with your design team to choose roof colours that allow them to blend in. In addition, older properties can benefit from cavity wall insulation, which reduces the cost of your heating or air conditioning. Your team will also look at factors such as damp, which can make homes less energy efficient.

Creating the perfect period property is a lengthy process, but with the right expertise, your dream home can become a reality. When you make your expectations clear from the start and stay in touch with those who are working on your home, you'll find delight in the end result.


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