4 Facts You Need to Know About Building Design

Posted on: 31 August 2017

If you are thinking about designing a residential or commercial property, you may be wondering what you need to know before you get started. As you begin looking at designs and interviewing professionals to help you, you may want to know the following facts. Take a look.

1. Building Designers Aren't Necessarily Architects

In Australia, the phrase "building designer" simply refers to someone who designs buildings. That individual or business is not necessarily a licensed architect, but the exact qualifications for building designers varies from area to area.

That can work in your favour, however. Building designers often bring new ideas to the table, while some architects may be overly rooted in ideas stemming from their educations. 

2. There Is Virtually No Limit to the Designs You Can Choose

Whether you're thinking of a simple home or an expansive business property, there are almost no limits to the designs you can choose. In some cases, you can even work with a building designer who creates a structure that appears to bend the laws of physics. For example, there is a house in Germany that appears to be upside down, and the Berman House in New South Wales appears to almost hang over a cliff.

If you have an idea but you don't think it's possible, talk with a building designer. They may be able to help you make that idea a reality.

3. You Can Customise Designs

Many building designers, especially for residential properties, have a catalog of designs from which you can choose. In some cases, you may see your dream home in the list of options, and you can just move forward from there. In other cases, however, you may see something that's close but not quite on the mark.

Luckily, you can customise designs. Some home and building designers will work with you to create your dream building from the ground up, and others can help you start from an existing design but modify it to fit your needs.

4. Zoning Is Critical to Consider

That said, there are rules about buildings in different areas, and it's important to understand how those may affect your project. In particular, you may not be able to put multi-family dwellings or certain commercial properties in particular areas. You may also face height or style restrictions. To ensure you're prepared for those rules, you should work with a building designer who is experienced with and knowledgeable about those areas.


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