Why you should choose wooden crates for your next shipment

Posted on: 30 August 2017

Should you use wooden crates or plywood boxes to transport your goods or property across country or across the world? Both wooden crates and plywood boxes are popular options used in the shipping industry. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice, but overall, wooden crates are generally considered the better choice. They have numerous advantages over boxes, which can offer clear benefits for both the customer and the shipping company.

The affordable choice

Choosing wooden crates over plywood boxes is often the most affordable choice. New crates are cheaper to produce than plywood boxes. There is less material processing involved in production, and simpler materials are needed. The simpler manufacturing processes involved in building crates results in less investment in the manufacturing process, and therefore crates will cost you less to purchase than a similarly sized box. The more wooden crates you require for your shipment, the greater the savings you will see.

The natural choice

Constructing wooden crates can be done using entirely natural processes. In contrast, plywood boxes are often built using toxic glues or additives to assist the lamination process. Not only are these glues and additives potentially dangerous to those who work with them, there is always the risk that they could leach into the shipment and contaminate whatever you are transporting. Choosing new crates is the best way to ensure your shipment avoids contamination.

The secure choice

You want your shipment to reach its destination safely, and without being damaged or tampered with by unauthorised individuals. The possibility of damage and the danger of theft will be major concerns whenever goods are being transported. One of the best ways to reduce this risk is by using wooden crates. New crates are sturdy and stable and provide all the security you could desire. No matter how fragile your shipment it can arrive undamaged at your destination when you use new crates.

The stackable choice

When you are transporting items in bulk the ability to stack the crates is vital. If you can't stack your crates, then they are going to take up valuable space during the journey, and the whole shipment will become more expensive. The wooden walls of new crates are thick and designed to offer enough vertical strength for the crates to be stacked without damaging your consignment.

Whatever you are shipping wooden crates are the perfect choice to transport it safely and securely to its final destination.


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