No Need To Sneeze: It's Time To Trim Your Trees And Reduce Your Spring Allergy Symptoms

Posted on: 30 August 2017

It was a mild winter in Queensland this year, and despite the first official day of Spring only being a few days away, buds and new growth already fill the neighbourhood trees. You suffer from allergies, so Spring is your least favourite season. Now that you have moved into a home of your own, there are a couple of reasons why your property could create havoc with your allergies. Relief is as simple as a tree trim away, and these are the reasons why.

Airborne allergens

Pollens in the new Spring growth on your tree are one of the biggest causes of your seasonal allergy. All the pollens need to spread is a strong gust of wind, and they are set free to the air current. This means that not only do you breathe them in while you are outside, but they also waft into your home through open doors and windows. These allergens get into your airways and cause coughing and wheezing. The allergens also irritate the eyes to produce watering and itching. Finally, they irritate the mucous membranes in your nose to cause sneezing and a constant nasal drip.

Trees such as conifers and pines produce a lot of pollen. Pine pollen is the culprit behind the yellow dust layer you notice on your car after a windy Spring day.

Have your tree trimmed of all branches covered in new bud growth as this step reduces the amount of pollen released into the air around your home. 

Skin contact allergens

The other area where people have a lot of allergy issues is from the oils produced by trees coming into contact with their skin. These oils irritate the skin of allergy sufferers like yourself and cause itching and a rash.

Having the tree branches trimmed back now means you can remove the chance of your skin brushing against the branches while outside in your garden. Ask the tree service to remove low branches. Also, get them to trim back branches which hang out over pathways and patios; anywhere where you and the family move about regularly must be freed of overhanging debris.

Tree service companies get busy this time of year, so it is important to book in a tree trim sooner rather than later. The faster you get this job done, the less often you will have to reach for the tissues while you're trying to relax while at home.


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