Construction and Renovation: 4 Benefits of Using Plywood

Posted on: 30 August 2017

When you are planning to carry out construction or renovation work around your home, you may not have considered using plywood. Plywood offers a number of advantages over other types of wood. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of using plywood as part of your project.

Plywood is a highly versatile material

Plywood can be used in a number of different ways. Plywood panels can be used to line the interior walls of your home. It can also be used to repair damaged floor areas which will later be covered with carpet. You can also use plywood to construct a range of simple pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs and desks. Plywood products are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses and can be easily cut down to any shape or size.

Plywood is available in a range of finishes

Plywood can be purchased with the finish already laminated onto the surface of the wood. There is a wide range of different finishes which are available such as wood grain effects, stone or plain colours. This means you will always be able to find a type of plywood which matches the interior space in which it will be used.

Plywood isn't very expensive

Because plywood is made by binding together thin sections of wood, it doesn't cost very much to manufacture and isn't anywhere near as expensive as solid wood alternatives. This makes it an excellent choice if you are operating on a budget as you can buy large sections of plywood at a very low cost.

Plywood is resistant to moisture

Whenever wood or timber is installed into a home, the possible impact of moisture must be assessed. If you are planning to use plywood in a part of your home where it will be subjected to splashes of water from a kitchen sink or the steam and condensation created by a shower and sink, you should make sure you invest in plywood which is water-resistant. Water-resistant plywood has been specially treated so that it will repel any moisture which collects on the surface of the wood. This will help to prevent the wood from warping out of shape or harbouring mould and mildew.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of using plywood on your next home construction or renovation job, you should contact a building contractor or construction supplies company.


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