Two Ways To Save Money When Having A Pool Built

Posted on: 28 August 2017

As winter winds down, many kids are already looking forward to getting back into swimming during the spring and summer seasons. Now that you have enough money to have an inground pool built at home, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. There are several ways you can reduce the impact of the new pool on your wallet; you just need to be careful in the planning and design stage. Consider these ways that your decisions impact on the total building cost.

Pool shape and size

A rectangle swimming pool is the cheapest option available. The reason for this is because of its simple shape. A swimming pool with curved lines, a tanning shelf and inbuilt steps costs you more for two reasons. Firstly, there is the cost of extra materials. The fancier the shape of the pool, the more materials are used. Secondly, a standard rectangle pool is mass produced, and that means the cost of it is lower than a curved pool custom made for your property. Just as with anything unique, a one-off pool design has a higher price tag.

Additionally, the size of the pool impacts your budget. The bigger the pool, the more it costs because of extra materials used. Also, the pool needs more pipes to keep it clean, a bigger filter system to cycle the water, and a larger pump to cope with the volume of water in the pool. All these extra needs add to the bottom line of cost.

Designer pool builders will give you an incredible experience, but keep in mind how such a pool fits in your yard.

Pool location

The location of your new pool has an impact on the cost because of the way the site affects the needs of the pool. For example, if you choose a spot for your pool in a shaded area of your garden, then you need a pool heater to warm up the water during spring and autumn. Additionally, a pool in a shaded spot needs a heavy-duty cleaning system to cope with the leaves and tree debris landing in the water.

The perfect pool location is a sunny spot which is close to the house, so talk to the builder about which area in your garden best meets this requirement.

You don't want to compromise too much on your dream pool design, but these cost-saving ideas are just two ways you can get what you want without it costing the earth. Your pool builder has several other money saving options so you can get a pool that perfectly suits your budget.


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