How Much Will Your New Carport Cost?

Posted on: 28 August 2017

If you have purchased a new vehicle but have insufficient garage space, you should think about setting up a carport. This simple structure will protect your car from the elements and provide extra storage for other items such as bicycles, ATVs and motorbikes. In general, carports are in expensive in comparison to building a new garage or extending your existing one. However, the project is still quite significant, so there are substantial financial implications. If you are planning on carport installation for the first time, consider this simple guide on the primary cost factors.

Kit or Custom Carport

There are numerous ready-made carports in the market that you can purchase and install in your home. These are manufactured in standard sizes to accommodate conventional cars in the market. These types of carport kits are relatively inexpensive because they are produced in large quantities for general sales. On the other hand, you can elect to build a custom carport. This choice will present complete freedom on the design and other aspects. However, the cost is higher than the ready made kit alternative.


The material is an important cost factor to consider when thinking about setting up a new carport on your property. There are multiple options; you can choose the most appropriate for your budget. Steel carports are attractive because they are robust and long-lasting. However, this material is expensive in comparison to most alternatives in the market. Wood carports are favourable because they are appealing and durable. Also, timber is cheaper than steel. However, you must think about the long-term maintenance demands. The most inexpensive carports are made from plastic. However, they are not as durable or reliable as alternatives.


You should think about the costs of installing your carport after purchasing the kit or construction materials. This aspect of the project will determine the total costs of the project. The exact financial demands of installation will primarily depend on the current state of the carport space and the type of surface desired. If the land on which you plan to set up the carport is steep or uneven, excavation and levelling might be necessary. This process will increase the cumulative expenses. After preparing the surface, you must choose the most appropriate surface. Concrete slabs are ideal because they are easy to clean and maintain. However, the cost will be higher than gravel or packed dirt.

Finally, you should account for the professional labour required for setup because carport construction is complicated and time-consuming.


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