5 Line Marking Accessories You Need for Your Construction Company

Posted on: 28 August 2017

If you're starting a construction company, it's easy to focus on the big machines and heavy equipment you will need to buy. However, you also need to invest in some smaller machines and equipment. In particular, you need the right line marking tools. Here are five essentials you may need for your new company.

1. Chalk Line Guide

This marking accessory comes with a case and a steel crank. It allows you to pull out a wire that works as a guide for your chalk line. Whether you're getting ready to mark a road or just marking where you want the pipes or wires to go in your next project, this tool can be extremely helpful.

It can help with any project where you want a visible level line to use as a guide. That includes floor installations, brick work and more.  

2. Chalk Line

Rather than acting as a guide, this tool actually helps you mark the line. It also features a crack and a line that comes out, but the line is made of cotton. Before using it, you inject powdered chalk.

The cotton absorbs the chalk, and when you pull out the line with the crank, it leaves a chalk trail behind it. This allows you to create a straighter line than you would if you were doing the line marking by hand.

3. One-Wheel Marking Rod

For making large markings on the ground of your work site, you may want a one-wheel marking rod. This is shaped like a cane or walking stick. You hold the handle and squeeze a lever when you want the contraption to release the line marking chalk. Then, as you drag the rod along, the chalk follows and creates a line.

If you do a lot of permanent lines for car parks and such, you may want a one-wheel marking rod that works with paint as well as chalk.

4. Aerosol Gun

A line marking aerosol gub makes it easy to make lines on walls or other vertical spaces. You load the gun with chalk powder, squeeze the trigger and watch the line appear. You may want to use with a line marking guide to ensure everything is straight.

5. Chalk Powder

If you're going to be doing a lot of line marking, you need to invest in chalk powder. This comes in a bottle and gives you a lot more chalk than a simple piece of chalk. Ideally, as your construction company will probably be doing multiple types of projects, you need chalk powder in multiple colours. That way, you can designate a different colour for each application.


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