3 Benefits of Using a Concrete Pump Rather Than a Bucket and Crane

Posted on: 28 August 2017

Once the concrete mix you plan to use on your work site is ready, it will need to be delivered to the area you plan to lay the surface. Traditionally, this was achieved using a bucket attached to a crane. However, pumping the concrete using a concrete pump is becoming an increasingly popular option due to the advantages it offers. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of using a concrete pump.

Increased Speed

When using a bucket and crane to move concrete, the amount of concrete which can be poured is limited by the volume of the bucket. Time will also be lost filling each individual load of concrete into the bucket, swinging the bucket into place over the work site to pour the concrete, and swinging back around to be refilled. If you plan to move a large amount of concrete, this process will need to be repeated many times in order to complete the job. 

A concrete pump offers vastly improved speed. Once the pump is set up, it will move the concrete at a constant rate from one location to another. Because the end of the pump hose can be manipulated to point in different directions, it improves the accuracy of the concrete pouring compared to pouring from a bucket. 

Increased Productivity

A bucket and crane will take longer to set up than a concrete pump. This means that if you need to pour concrete at various locations around your work site, you will use a lot of your man hours constructing and deconstructing and moving the bucket system. However, a concrete pump can be easily carried from one location to another before being quickly set up and put into operation.

Reduced Expenditure

Because a concrete pump can pour concrete faster than a bucket and crane while also requiring fewer men to operate the system, it can help to cut the cost of completing your project. You will not need to pay as many workers for as many hours worked and you will not have to worry about the project falling behind schedule, which could result in additional penalties as stipulated in the construction contract.

Contact a concrete pump hire company to find out how your concrete and construction needs can best be fulfilled. A concrete contractor can examine your project ideas and goals to ensure you get all the concrete you need in all the right places.


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