2 Ways Your Stormwater Drainage System Could Fail If You Don't Hire an Expert

Posted on: 28 August 2017

Stormwater drainage systems may seem simple in principle, but getting them to work efficiently takes careful planning and installation. If you're in need of stormwater management, employing the services of a contractor experienced in drainage is imperative. If you don't, poor planning and execution could lead one or more components of your system to fail.

Many people believe that the main cause of drainage failure is lack of maintenance and shoddy repairs, but using an inexperienced contractor could mean your system is doomed to fail structurally before you even get to the maintenance stage. Poor construction can lead any part of a stormwater system to fail, and the potential problems you could face will depend on which drainage solutions you plan to use. To see why using a reputable company is so important, take a look at how these two stormwater drainage options can fail if designed and installed poorly.

Your Pipes Could Fail

If pipes (whether plastic, metal or both) are going to be part of your stormwater drainage system, you'll need to use the services of a drainage expert to ensure they transport water without fail. Successful pipes move stormwater from paved areas to retention areas. Unsuccessful pipes can overflow or leak. Successful design is key to successful pipe systems. The size and material of the pipes and the route they'll take need to be decided carefully based on stormwater estimates. Then, they must be installed with sufficient foundations and covering, using the right connections and closures for the surrounding land to ensure that the pipes don't break, 'swallow' backfill material, leak, spill over, or expand under the high Australian heat.

Your Swale Could Fail

Swales are stretches of porous land that collect stormwater and allow it to drain into the earth below. They're usually used in places with large areas of paving, such as beside a road, to provide a permeable area of vegetation. If your swale isn't properly designed, excavated and planted, it can easily flood over, which defeats the entire purpose of the swale. Efficient swale design depends on multiple factors that require expert knowledge, including soil depth and density as well as vegetation types and ratios, taking local stormwater levels into account. If these factors aren't properly addressed, your swale may drain too slowly, your soil could get washed away, or your vegetation could degrade and no longer filter properly, all leading to flooding.

This is why it is important to only rely on professional and experienced contractors for your stormwater drainage needs.


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